Entry #76

Yoshi Galaxy isn't dead!

2013-09-21 21:18:02 by ToastyYoshi

I actually came back to newgrounds after a few months to see that a few people had messaged me questioning if it was dead. Which is surprising considering i kind of disappeared for months.

I would just like to say, its NOT dead. And i don't intned on it ever being dead.

I have spent about 3 months working on it, in and out as i am currently working through college, so I'm busy quite allot of the time. But obviously, this animation is quite long, and i keep coming up with more ideas to implement into the animation.

I'll post a picture on my next post, but for now just.. wait.. The animation is like.. allot better than the first, i've come in leaps and bounds since the first, practice makes perfect eh?


P.S. - jhf


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2013-09-21 22:36:36

I'm really glad to know that, I was sure Yoshi Galaxy was dead.


2014-05-15 17:16:55

Do you still work on Yoshi galaxy ep.2?
What is percentage?